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Product Code : GOST 1089-82
Brand Name : Antimony
Product Description

Antimony isused as a component of lead alloys that increase their hardness and mechanicalstrength. Scope includes:



-antifriction alloys;

- printingalloys;

- smallarms and tracer bullets;

- cablesheaths;

- matches;

-medicines, antiprotozoal drugs;

- soldering- some lead-free solders contain 5% Sb;

- plainbearings;

- electronic industry;

- nuclear power;

- as anadditive to metals for thin castings;


Antimonycompounds in the form of oxides, sulfides, sodium antimonate and antimonytrichloride are used in the production of:


-refractory compounds, ceramic enamels, glass, paints and ceramic products.Antimony trioxide is the most important of antimony compounds and is mainlyused in flame retardant compositions. Antimony sulfide is one of theingredients in match heads.